Lean on us!



To achieve the best result for our clients, we work together with specialists in various fields. We have successful partnerships with the following parties:

Goosebumps is a partnership of four agencies each with their own profile and market approach. Together we form a group of seventeen enthusiastic professionals who strengthen, support and stimulate each other. We create, inspire and realize. Together we benefit from each other’s knowledge and skills in offering one single total service: messages with feeling, that affect you and make you think. Whether with images, sound or text. We all focus on the same goal: creating Goosebumps.

Confrad International
How do you unburden a customer who is active in several countries? By letting seventeen independent communications and advertisement agencies from different countries work together. With virtually worldwide coverage and local knowledge of the market, culture, possibilities and target group preferences. That is the international network of Confrad International. We learn from each other and share market and media information. For more than forty years, we have been jointly realising successful international campaigns that connect seamlessly with each target group.

Dutch Food Creators
Helping companies in the Dutch food branch with developing and marketing new, renewed and innovative product concepts and products. Dutch Food Creators does it. We bring together marketing and communication by clustering knowledge and experience in retail, food service and catering. We also offer support with among other things product and concept introductions and trade fairs. From a strategic plan to realization and from product idea to sales.