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Cookie statement

SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS uses cookies on its websites. This cookie statement informs about the cookies and how SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS uses the cookies on its website(s).

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that are placed by an internet page on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Some of these cookies are necessary for the site to work; others help us to improve the website or allow us to offer a better user experience.

Types of cookies
The cookies that SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS places do not contain personal data and cannot be linked to you as individual. The information that is collected by SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS (or third parties) with the aid of cookies is used for the following applications:

For functional purposes: to simplify navigation of SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS’ website.

For analytic purposes: to analyse the use of SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS’ website. This enables us to see which pages were visited most and where error messages occur.

To test (elements of) pages: this allows us to adapt our website to the wishes and user experience of our visitors.

Set cookie level
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Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter
Buttons have been installed on various pages of the SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS website that allow information of SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS to be shared via the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The buttons with which information can be shared are realised by code that is delivered by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you share the information by clicking on the button, a cookie is placed by the relevant company. SABLEBONNE COMMUNICATIONS has no influence on this process. Please read the privacy statement of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to see which data is collected and how this data is used.

Deleting cookies
For more information about enabling and disabling cookies and deleting cookies, please use the Help function of your browser or on this page.